Live Powerful

The smiths and artisans are the seniors to the powerful because of their ability to live on without power.

Its an interesting interpretation of the world. A lifestyle that views this thing of power as coming from not the ability to buy stuff but from the ability to use unique skills and personality to make stuff in a way that makes money far less valuable.

The idea of power, however, is a small byproduct of this lifestyle of the artisan, the true jewel of the arts is the amount of joy and fulfillment experienced in your progression in the overall craft. You see growth, you see awareness, you begin to see the little things in a piece that differ it from the rest … and yes this thing before you now has a soul.

Each and every person was gifted with a specific set of talents and interests that they are naturally inclined to pursue. The amazing expressions happen when their own unique personality brings forth these talents in a entirely new and engaging way.

The true essence of the artist is within the joy and abundance of the self-relient path.

Call to action:

  1. Start with a hobby (eg. knot tying, storytelling, weaving, etc.)
  2. Make from your values/ideals – answer (ask) the hard questions about yourself
  3. START CREATING. skill level doesn’t matter. just start.
  4. Travel the world. learn more.

Explore your talents. Create.




Crafting Damascus: Bridging the idea and the material

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”

– Michelangelo

Apart from the satisfaction blacksmithing brings me, it always seems like magic when metal that is utilized solely for its strength and toughness can be shaped, folded, and transformed into a design that was once only in thought.

An idea is possibility. Enacting possibility is the expression of freedom.