Shops Open: Story Behind the Red


The story and how to live

It is a journey. Endure and be one’s self through pain and suffering. The letting go of whats not you… that is freedom.

The Story:

Long ago, the Krow was known as the creator of rainbows. He was gifted with a vast arrangement of colored feathers; and when he flew the sun glistened a rainbow reflection off his wings. And when Krow sang he made everybody around stop and enjoy his beautiful song.

However, the earth was growing colder and colder with each new year. And the winters were becoming unbearable for the animals without thick hides and large stomachs to keep them warm. Henceforth, a grand council was held with the attending of all the animals. A question was brought forth to the center.

Who would be the one to travel to the sun and bring back his warmth and light before he leaves for the winter?

The room was silent, the animals gazed up to the sky seeing the long journey ahead of whoever clamed this deed. Moments passed, then Krow walked to the center; sparking conversations because Krow was liked and loved by everyone.

“My life is full of happiness. I never feel sad or lonely because my rainbows always bring me smiles and compliments while my voice pleases all who listen, yet … I do not feel fulfilled. It’s like an itch in my mind that I can’t reach, that I can’t comfort with compliments and good feelings. But I believe that if I can share the happiness with everyone by bringing back warmth and light, then I will be fulfilled.”

The animals cheered at Krow’s loving and courageous spirit. And in an instant, Krow bounded into the air and took flight. The animals watched the rainbow gleam in his wake and finally when he was too small to be seen the animals grew quiet and waited.

Days passed and finally the animals saw a little black dot appear in the sky above. But the rainbow that once trailed behind Krow had been replaced with a trail of smoke. Krow clumsily landed in the circle and opened his beak to reveal a beautiful red coal. But the animals did not cheer or dance, for what lay before them was a mere remnant of the entity that had left mere days ago. All his feathers had been burned black and his voice had become rough and hoarse.

Finally, one of the animals asked Krow if he had found the fulfillment he had been longing for. Krow was silent for a long time and with a loud laugh “kah! kah! kah!” Krow said in his rough voice “yes my friends, I am happier than ever but not for my generosity but for the freedom I feel!” The animals were confused, so Krow flew into the nearest tree and told all animals to gather around to hear about his journey. However, nobody came because they couldn’t stand the sound of his voice. So krow looked around and laughed “kah! kah! kah!” for what he had discovered was true happiness. Finally a young wolf cub, that had been abandoned by his kin sat under the tree howled for Krow to tell his story for the wolf was blind and took an appreciation to all sounds.

Krow with smile began to speak…

“There is a pain greater than pain. When I was in the sky, the sun made no effort to make my journey easy. One by one, the heat burned off my colorful feathers and the light pierced my eyes turning them black. And with each breath, I could feel my voice burning. But all this pain was not greater then the pain I had felt in my heart … so I flew on. I don’t remember how long I flew, but at one point everything that could’ve been taken from me had been taken, and it was at that point – (Krow looked to the sky) – it was at that point that I began to glow. The sun could do no more but give me his beauty. It was clear then, I had not been losing anything, I was only clearing way for something more. As I got closer and closer to the sun, I became redder and redder. Finally, I felt it … freedom. And that is when he spoke. The sun opened his great gates and sent forth a single coal that would not extinguish to any condition. “Fly on” said the sun and continued to close his gates once more.”

The little wolf looked at Krow up in the tree and understood the meanings of the words, which he spoke. The wolf cub was free from the sights of the outer world; henceforth he now understood that he had eyes that could truly see. With a howl, the wolf cub shrieked with joy and bounded through the snow and emerged as a great white bear. Wearing a white hide, the bear ran to north to stay in the cold where he could remember the teachings he learned on that cold day.

Krow laughed and flew on.





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