Cool packing and hacking tips for traveling

One of the best things about traveling is also the worst thing. You can never really know what will happen!

True, this is the very aspect that appeals to the wonderers and wayfarers who travel with very little, but for the average trip you can find yourself lugging along quite a bit of stuff. Suitcases, instruments, cool souvenirs, etc., and with a world of opportunity opening up for you, you can feel enslaved to your possessions. Maybe it be a festival you just became aware of happening in the next city over or a new interest you discovered on your trip and want to explore it in depth, whatever it may be, your belongings are now along for the ride as well … which can sometimes get expensive.

With that in mind and to keep you in the best possible position for your confrontation with opportunity, here are a few packing and hacking tips for the trips you have lined up!

  1. Pack with necessity in mind. If you can live without it… leave it. About half of the time it takes to pack your bags is spent on arguing with yourself wether you should take it or not, you know its true. Be decisive, cut the scenarios and pack whats obviously needed not hypothetically needed.
  2. Clothes. A good rule for minimal packing is to pack everything in threes. Wear one, wash one, dry one. If you do find yourself needing more once you’re there, most stuff can be bought for under $5 if you look.
  3. Hotel luggage rooms. If you do find yourself out in the world wanting to go somewhere without lugging along your stuff, you can turn to the hotels. Hotels will commonly allow you to store your stuff in their luggage room for a day, just tell them your going to explore and will be back later to check in.
  4. Pawnshops. Pawnshops are great if you have an instrument or something of value that you don’t want to carry. Pawnshops have superb storages spaces and will give you storage at a very low cost… however don’t forget that you will have to pay what owe or else you may loose your stuff. You will need an ID and an address.

Once you get a taste of whats comfortable for you, you can adjust your belongings. I myself really enjoy being able to explore crazy opportunities and take risks on a whim and having just a bag or two makes it that much easier to be myself.

Hope this helps and invokes some crazy adventures;)

Oslo, Norway.

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