RedKrow was built to help nurture and expand the horizons of my ideas and creations; to both solidify my dreams and inspire similar feets by other talented and motivated individuals. RedKrow is a portal for myself to give further sustenance to my ideas so they may evolve into tangible realities.
RedKrow began early on during my childhood, originating not from my intentions but from the creativity of my older brother. From a young Age my brother was an avid skateboarder, swept with dreams of one day creating and owning his own skate company he brainstormed numerous logos and brand names, and during this process RedKrow was born. Years past and I was entering my first art show with multiple art pieces that still lacked an insignia of the maker. Not wanting to use my name as a brand I pondered different options until I remembered RedKrow. One day while eating at a local burger joint I asked my brother if I could inherit his childhood dream. He took a few bites of his meal and nodded in approval. RedKrow is here.
In preparation before Sverd I Fjell

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