From the forge to the high Alps, Oh yea this fire is spreading

At a young age, I discovered the joy of exploring the imagination and diving into ones own creativity. As I grew older I began to recognize this creativity as a means to not only fulfillment but also legacy. A day when I bring an idea into reality is a day I feel accomplished and at-ease, throughout the years I have created all sorts of shenanigans such as swords, knives, jewelry, and stories. Some have even made their way into galleries, which you can view here, by my craftsmanship and the willingness of great individuals to invest in something they view as important. The pictures below are a few lucky ducks who get to take the spotlight.

2 thoughts on “Smithworks

  1. You’ve traveled far and wide in your search for the ways of metal. Never rest in your pursuit for greatness. Never rest on the greatness you’ve achieved. Be proud of your amazing work!


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