Travel Inspiration and Gallery

There is so much to say on the topic of travel. Don’t settle for what you hear about the world from the media and second hand sources, the world is a grand playground of the experiences. Hence forth only experiencing it will suffice.

Land, sea, and air … explore it!

An adventure to remember. A story to tell. Use your passion to explore the world! Lets go…

Escaped to Norway at 19 to learn more about viking steal! Simple goal that became a cool adventure and awesome learning experience. Read more





Since I did not book a return flight after Norway, I took advantage of the cheap flights out of Norway to the U.K. and somehow ended up seeing France and Germany after that!





Spent a semester in Australia studying things totally unrelated to my major:) A superb place for all walks of adventure!





After my term ended in Australia I couldn’t help but go to New Zealand. Only problem was that I had just enough money to fly there and back… hitchhiking, homeless shelters, and a badass adventure lay in the near future;)


More coming soon …
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