Journey To The Sun

Journey to the sun

The first songs of the Americas were sung for the earth and sky. The people were apart of the land and they spoke to the wind as a relative. Their way was free and full of meaning. REDK is in honor of the story of the crow who journeyed to the sun to retrieve the first fire.

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Welcome to REDK

Atsatsa Antonio’s knives and work within the field of Native American arts and culture makes his work exciting, pure and desirable to people enchanted by the American frontier and the iconic native tribes.

Our speciality is historical and contemporary frontier knives created with the ingenuity and passion inspired by the Native American tribes of the USA itself. We take great pride in improving upon your knives in new and creative ways.

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The shop is a mix of Native American Cultures and frontier blades, and the shop changes with the seasons. Be sure to ask about our events!